This photo is a red oak kitchen
stained English Chestnut.  It has
crown top raised panel upper doors
and square raised panel base
cabinet doors. The counter tops are
laminate with wood edge.  Click the
link below to see more of this
This is a Rustic Hickory Kitchen with
a natural finish.  The doors are
shaker style with a bevel edge.
Counter tops are laminate with a
wood edge.  In the link below, you
will see more pictures of this
kitchen.  Also, you will see a picture
from the design software I use.
Here is another red oak kitchen with
English Chestnut stain.  This
kitchen has raised panel ends and
square raised panel doors.  
Included in the link below are
photos of bath cabinets and an Onyx
Collection handicap shower we
installed in this residence.
Photo Gallery
Here is another Rustic Hickory
kitchen with clear finish.  The link
below has more photos of this
This is a Red Oak kitchen stained
English Chestnut with fluted posts
and rosettes.  In the link below you
can also see pictures of some
bedroom furniture and a mantle
surround we made.
This is a Cherry kitchen with a clear
finish. It has square raised panel
doors and panel ends.  Another
feature is the staggered height
upper cabinets that has become
very popular.  In the link below, you
can see bath and laundry cabinets

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Pictured here is a rustic Alder
kitchen stained Golden Pecan.  It
has raised panel ends and raised
panel doors.  The laminate tops are
Wilson Art Bronzed Fusion with a
wood beveled edge.  You can see
more of this kitchen by clicking the
link below.
This is a rustic Alder kitchen with a
clear finish.  The counters are
concrete that the homeowner
fabricated himself.  He also did all
the stone work and the logs.  In the
link below are more photos.
Here is an Alder kitchen stained
Special Walnut.  The counter tops
are Granite.  This kitchen has
raised panel ends and crown top
raised panel doors.  This kitchen
also has fluted posts on the sink,
island, and display cabinet.  To
see more of this kitchen, click the
link below.
This is a Red Oak kitchen stained
Library Oak.  It features raised
panel doors and a lighted corner
cabinet with a mullion door.
The counter tops are Laminate
with an undermount sink.
More photos can be seen by
following the link below.
This is a Rustic Cherry kitchen
with Golden Hickory stain and
Van Dyke Brown Glaze.  There
are several special features in
this kitchen,  the side shelves, a
wine cabinet with lighted display
area, and the lighted, glass door
area of the upper cabinets. This
kitchen also has granite