About our products
The cabinets and woodwork we produce are built using top
grade materials.  Our construction methods and
procedures are some of the best in the business.  We use
dadoes, glue , and screws where applicable.  Pocket hole
construction is used extensively.   
Our lazy susans have full round
shelves with 1/2" ply bottoms and
steam bent, solid wood sides.  The
posts are all steel with fully adjustable,
cast metal shelf supports.
The trash roll-outs we build are 1/2"
ply boxes on full-extension, 150lb
rated guides.  Other options are
Our shelves are 3/4" ply with 1
1/4" front edges. These are
supported on fully adjustable
steel standards and clips.
Also seen is our standard hinge.
These are 125 deg. Hettich
clip-on hinges.  A clip-on
soft-close is available as an
add-on for these hinges.
In these photos, you can see
that we dovetail, glue, and nail
the drawers.  Our standard
slide is a full extension, 100lb
rated guide.  They are mounted
solid to the cabinet.  Guides can
be upgraded to an undermount,
full extension, soft close Hettich
guide.  See a video of these
guides on the video page.
Here you can see how we use
pocket hole joinery.  Our face
frames are glued and pocket
holed together using an 1 1/4"
screw.  We also screw our face
frames to the cabinet using
pocket holes.
The first photo is rustic alder
panels ready to be assembled
into panel ends.  We stain the
edges first so when the panels
expand and contract, there won't
be a line of unstained wood
The second photo is a couple
doors after finishing.  All
cabinets are finished with
Sherwin Williams conversion
varnish, a very durable finish.
Click on photos to view full size.
Click on photos to view full size.
Click on photos to view full size.